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Together with the business developers at SDU RIO, you assess whether the establishment of a spin-out is the correct decision for you and your invention. We can help you mature your research project so that it is suitable for a spin-out.

It is often you as a researcher who is the driving force behind the establishment of a company, while SDU RIO contributes with connections to investors, professional contractors, relevant Board members and mentors. 

Considerations for establishing a spin-out

Before you go into the process of establishing a spin-out, there are a number of issues - professionals as private - that you should consider.

A spin-out can be the way to get your invention commercialized. Before setting up a spin-out, please consider the following:

  • Does the invention/product contain the potential for more products from the same technology? (few companies survive on one product alone)
  • Is the product/product sufficiently competitive? Can it attract investors?
  • Is the possible income sufficient to maintain a new company?

Your role can range from being the co-owner and founder to director or Board member. This depends on your specific goals, interests and skills. You should carefully consider your personal role, when you consider commercialising your invention through a spin-out.

The chance of successful financing and commercialisation is greatly increased when you, as a researcher, are involved from the start – especially during the initial years.

It’s important that you also consider a number of personal aspects before starting up as a self-employed person, as your decision also affects your private life.

  • Who do you want to help? What is your motivation?
  • What role do you want to play in the company?
  • What are you willing to invest, privately and professionally, in terms of time and money?
  • Would a spin-out make your objectives easier or harder?
  • Where do you stand if your company does not succeed?


Establishing a spin-out in collaboration with SDU/RSD

If the establishment of a spin-out is the preferred way of commercialisation, SDU RIO’s businessdevelopment advisers contact Science Ventures Denmark A/S (SVD), which is responsible forestablishing the company and helps set up the company. There is a high degree of collaboration between SVD and SDU RIOs business developers, and the specifics of the project determine which of the two parties does what.


What is Science Ventures Denmark A/S (SVD)?

SVD is wholly owned by SDU, and its business area is the commercialisation of inventions, know-how and technologies that are developed at, or can be further developed at, universities, hospitals and otherresearch institutions. Since 2007, private investors have invested more than one hundred million Euros in spin-outs through SVD.

Read more about SVD


What happens if SDU RIOs business developers stop the commercialisation process and return the rights to me?

You will be offered the opportunity to take ownership of the patent. SDU ensures that the transfer is registered with the relevant authorities. You are then free to personally pursue the commercialisation of your invention, but strictly in your spare time and in agreement with your head of department.


If you have any questions, please contact the business developers at SDU RIO.

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