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Innovation Fund Denmark

The Innovation Fund Denmark supports research and innovation projects that:

1) create value for Denmark in the form of growth and employment, and

2) focus on new solutions to key societal challenges.

Non-economic impact is also considered, but projects are not usually supported unless both types of value is created and documented.

Most of the funding programs are thematic and focus on sustainability, climate-friendly solutions, healthcare or technology. The various programs are aimed at both companies and researchers.

Researchers can obtain support for both national and international collaboration that couple research and innovation. In addition, national entrepreneurship programs for PhD-students, postdocs or professors are also offered.

The most relevant research funding programs are:

  • Grand Solutions (Research collaboration together with knowledge institutions and companies - based on concrete societal challenges)
  • Industrial Researcher (For those who have an idea for an industrial PhD or industrial post-doctoral project that creates commercial value)
  • Innobooster (A start-up or SME in need of new knowledge to realise its commercial potential)

Read about the different programmes at Innovation Fund Denmark

Do you need more information, advice or guidance, please contact Esben Flindt  by mail

Last Updated 21.12.2021