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Research Projects

Circular economy to minimize waste challenges in Indonesia

All nations have their own issues in relation to effective municipal solid waste management. Globally, EU countries have better waste management policies and frameworks than developing countries; however, according to Eurostat Municipal Waste Statistic in 2018, 52 million tonnes waste still became landfill.

The objective of IndoCircularWaste project is to develop a novel model for evaluation of the circular economy maturity level of the integrated business model through three pilot studies which links value chain actors and emphasizes three drivers:

(1) Digitalization of waste handling value chain from collection to recycling;  (2) Improving waste management policies; and (3) Increasing extended producer responsibility. 

Finally, knowledge and results generated from the three research pilot studies will be integrated in the design of the envisaged CE business model to increase the reuse of material and energy resources present in municipal solid waste globally and Indonesia. 

(Danida has granted nearly 5 million DKK to
develop a novel model for evaluating the circular economy maturity level of the integrated business model through pilot studies)


Reducing Cost of Energy in the Offshore Wind Energy Sector through Supply Chain Innovation (ReCoE), SDU 2020 Project funding, 7.5 Million    DKK, 2014-2019

Development of innovative closed loop supply chain models – EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND in synergy with the EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOMPENT FUND POR 2014 – 2020

Eco-Efficiency Based Green Supply Chain Management- A Step Towards Climate Change And Environment, Forsknings- og Innovationsstyrelsen, Denmark, (completed)

Sustainable Supply Chain Management- A Step Towards Environmental and Social, Forsknings- og Innovationsstyrelsen, Denmark, (completed)

Global Dynamics of Corporate Sustainability: An Inter-Organizational Institutional Perspective LARGS approach, forsknings- og innovationsstyrelsen, Denmark, (completed

Global perspectives of sustainable sourcing using relationship management and governance, Forsknings- og Innovationsstyrelsen, Denmark, (completed)

Integrated Assessment and Design of Biofuel Development in Denmark and China with the Consideration of Sustainability: A Multi-Stakeholder Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach, Forsknings- og Innovationsstyrelsen, Denmark, (completed)

Adoption of Environmental Practices for the Supply Chain Management and Evolutionary Stages of Environmental Management: Survey and Case Study in the Brazilian Electrical and Electronic Sector  FAPESP - The Sao Paulo State Research Foundation (completed)

Use of structural equation modeling for quantitative analysis of the main features of environmental training: survey from companies with ISO14001 located in Brazil". FAPESP - The Sao Paulo State Research Foundation (completed)

Environmental Sustainability and Production Engineering: construction of a research agenda for the unification of national and    international interests focused on the area of operations management " Brazilian Council for Scientific Research, "Science Whithout Borders" Programme Brazil-Denmark. (completed) 

Last Updated 03.12.2021