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Research Areas

Green and Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Green and public procurement with focus on corporate sustainability, sustainable circular economy, sustainable manufacturing, Sustainable Operations Management, Green Supply Chain Management, Reverse Logistics, Closed Loop Supply Chain, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Sustainability, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Supply Chain Network Design, Supply Chain Risk Management,  sustainable supply chain network optimization and decision making  


Circular Supply Chain

Sustainable circular economy, Circular design and material selection, Resource and energy efficient supply chain / manufacturing, Circular economy in offshore wind sector, circular materials for construction.


Digital Supply chain (I4.0)

Procurement 4.0, Manufacturing 4.0, Logistics 4.0, warehousing 4.0,  labour 4.0, knowledge based manufacturing, tool kit for I4.0 (Readiness, maturity model and performance measurement), Industry 4.0 with Sustainable Supply Chain focus, additive manufacturing with focus on spare parts inventory and sustainability measurement, glocalized manufacturing, Human and Automation in collaboration, Big Data Analytics in Supply Chain,  Decision Analysis.


Professor Kannan Govindan tel. +4565503188

Last Updated 16.11.2020