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New Large National Project

MADE, Manufacturing Academy of Denmark, focuses on the strengthening of the Danish manufacturing industry by gathering 49 companies across different fields, five research institutions, three GTS-institutes as well as the Confederation of the Danish Industry. As a continuation of this effort MADE Digital will be launched in 2017, run for three years and have a total volume of 196M DKK from which 79M DKK are invested by Innovation Fund Denmark. MADE Digital can been seen as a Danish version of Industri 4.0, which is a term coined in Germany and typically addressing the needs of large companies.

SDU Robotics has been heavily involved in the preparation and application writing of the MADE Digital proposal and SDU Robotics will lead the MADE Digital work package related to robotics and automation involving activities for 10.3Mkr of which 8.85Mkr is obtained through funding from Innovation Fund Denmark and direct support from involved companies.


Last Updated 24.04.2017