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MADE Digital (2017-2020)

MADE Digital comprises nine work packages addressing challenges for the Danish manufacturing industry. The challenges within robotics and automation are carried out in the work package Automation with Collaborative Robots, which is lead by SDU Robotics.

In this work package, we have identified representative automation challenges at the participating end user companies (Danfoss, B&O, Terma, Lego, Paul E. Danchell, Vestas). The challenges can (in a broad sense) be divided into challenges in three different application domains, which are all relevant in a wide range of manufacturing facilities in Denmark and worldwide:

  1. Assembly of items that are partly taken from random locations
  2. Three dimensional (double curved) surface and curve processing
  3. Fiber fabrics layup on large double curved structures

Our activities in MADE Digital is a coordinated set of projects involving a number of scientific challenges and a set of implementation activities. We will connect the digital world in terms of virtual models of robotic cells and processes to the corresponding real world scenario and demonstrate this on at least one example at each end user.


Professor Henrik Gordon Petersen

Project partners:

University of Southern Denmark, Danish Technological Institute, B&O, Danfoss, Lego, Vestas, Terma, Paul E. Danchell, Technicon


Last Updated 07.06.2021