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Energy-effective programming of collaborative robots (2020-2022)

Collaborative robots are programmed by users by physically demonstrating what the robot should do. However, since the user does not intuitively consider energy optimization in this programming, the resulting programs may use up to 50% more power than necessary to fulfil the given task. In the project, the partners SDU and UR aim at developing novel methods for collaborative robots, which will make it easy and natural for users to yield energy-optimized programs based on Augmented Reality (AR) and digital models. The project results not only benefit the company UR, but all the robot companies collaborating with SDU.

The project is funded by ELFORSK. The project is coordinated by SDU Software Engineering.

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Professor Christian Schlette

Project partners:

University of Southern Denmark, Denmark;  Universal Robots, Denmark.

Last Updated 02.11.2021