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Automatic gripper finger design

At SDU – Robotics, we are for many years developing competences in automatic gripper finger design aimed for robot assembly and manipulation tasks. The developed software gives an option for fast and intuitive design of gripper fingers based on the geometry of the presented object. In addition to the design process we also facilitate a simulation process, which gives an indication of how good the actual design is, before the fingers are to be manufactured. In the manufacturing step we utilize several conventional and additive manufacturing technologies. 

Print capacity

  • Stratasys PolyJet
  • FDM Ultimaker 3
  • FDM Prusa


Combined Optimization of Gripper Finger Design and Pose Estimation Processes for Advanced Industrial Assembly


Assistant prof. Aljaz Kramberger tel. +45 6550 8278

Last Updated 30.11.2020