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Robotic Concrete 3D Printing


By combining computational design logics, structural performance optimization and material experiments, the project aims to push forward the boundaries of what can be built in concrete and to reduce costs and time of production for a more sustainable construction technique.

As the design, manufacturing and handling of the formworks heavily impact on the construction time and can account for more than 80% of the overall cost in a complex concrete structure, the elimination of such temporary elements in the construction process would offer a clear economical and technological advantage.

Moreover, as it removes the need for standardization Concrete 3D Printing offers the possibility to rethink the way we design in concrete, enabling full customization and integration of locally-adaptive design features defined by performative analysis and spatial choices.


Printer: ABB 6650S Industrial Robot + Concrete Extrusion System (with industrial partner Hyperion Robotics) around 3000 x 3000 x 3000 mm

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Roberto Naboni

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Last Updated 05.10.2020