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Computational Design and Digital Fabrication

Computational Design and Digital Fabrication is a research area in the section of Civil and Architectural Engineering. A group was established to coordinate work in this research area: Computational Research in Emergent Architectural Technology (CREATE). The group is led by Associate Professor Roberto Naboni.

The research area focuses on systematic and creative exploration of novel architectural processes and solutions at the intersection of the fields of computer science, advanced manufacturing, and emergent material technologies. By exploiting a fast-evolving landscape of emerging technologies, CREATE develops projects and concepts as answers to the challenges of today—from the effects of climate change to the well-being of city users.

Within the high-tech context of SDU, the group undertakes research and teaching activities in the fields of Industry 4.0, Additive Manufacturing (AM), Architectural Robotics, and Virtual and Augmented Reality. CREATE develops interdisciplinary research and projects with a team of highly skilled design researchers, and a network of academic and industrial collaborators.

The group’s physical infrastructure is CREATE Lab, where future scenarios of construction are studied.


Roberto Naboni
+45 6550 7521

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Last Updated 26.11.2021