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Urban Resilience Community of Practice

Our vision

Our vision is to cultivate a global community of professionals that share knowledge and experiences, and who experiment with approaches and solutions for tackling the urban resilience challenges we face in our day-to-day work.

The goal of this community is to facilitate peer learning between mid-career urban professionals and act as a multiplier force so that together, in the face of the issues we face in our professions, we can foster resilient urban transitions.

The urban resilience challenges we are tackling spans across topics, geographies and contexts, form South to North and from informal to formal. We aim to address fundamental issues such as: how we navigate interdisciplinarity; how we make the case for resilience, sometimes in our own organizations; how we translate theory into practice; and, which tools/approaches to adopt for building urban resilience locally.

We do so through topical working groups, regular learning workshops, mentoring, regional hubs, capacity-building and collaborative projects. We are enabled by an online exchange platform on Slack and curate a knowledge hub via our blog. We facilitate interactive events for the wider field, and we are planning to host a global summit of urban resilience professionals.

Who we are

We are a community of 50+ academics, practitioners, and policy makers based in over 20 countries, most of which are alumni from the Urban Resilience Intensive Trainings, organized by the International Urban Resilience Academy at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in collaboration with over 20 international partner organizations. We come from different disciplines and work in different sectors, but we share a commitment to tackling urban resilience challenges through systemic approaches and collective learning. We are lifelong learners who believe that a problem shared is a problem halved – especially when it comes to the challenges we face in our day to day work.

Urban Resilience Community of Practice

Our values

Urban Resilience Community of Practice

Why this community of practice?

Adapting our cities to the increasing effects of climate change creates numerous challenges, ranging from considerable knowledge gaps in our understanding of causes and effects, gaps in how we mobilise the knowledge on urban resilience through policy and practice, as well as capacity building gaps relating to how we, as researchers, practitioners, and policy makers, are equipped to address these issues in our work.

Tackling these challenges requires interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration. Yet many times, that’s easier said than done. In our work as researchers, practitioners and policy-makers we are driven by different incentives, success factors, or time horizons. Delivery timelines mean we sometimes deprioritize learning and don’t invest in our own personal development.  

The unique strength of this community of practice is that we span disciplines, sectors and geographies, as we believe that only by breaking the silos between them we will be able to tackle urban resilience challenges. We’re a peer learning space that is volunteer run – as such our activities and experiments are driven by our learning and inquiry questions.

Communities of practice mobilise the power of peer learning to create trusted spaces for learning and experimentation. Understanding learning as a relational, lifelong process means we acknowledge that building our capabilities to tackle complex urban resilience issues can be accelerated by having a trusted space of peers to learn from and experiment with. Read more about what communities of practice are here

Read our blog and listen to our #URDialogues podcast

Urban Resilience Community of Practice


Our events

In 2021, we will be facilitating the following types of regular events:

  • Urban Resilience Dialogues Podcast – monthly podcast and members-only live recording and discussion
  • SerendipiTEA – facilitated networking to welcome newcomers and grow our community
  • Spotlight on… – these sessions are organised by different members of the community, to explore different topics related to urban resilience, share best practice, as well as members’ work in progress

In addition to these regular sessions, we are organsing a series of online events and workshops which will take place during COP26.



Do you work in urban resilience? Do you want to connect and learn with other researchers, practitioners, and policy makers? Are you committed to learning and collaborating? Then hop on board, this might be the space for you.

Fill in this short form and we’ll invite you to our Slack platform and to an upcoming onboarding event.

Last Updated 12.05.2021