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About IURA

International Urban Resilience Academy (IURA) is a transdisciplinary platform for education, research and networking activities on Urban Resilience, at Civil and Architectural Engineering, University of Southern Denmark.   

International Urban Resilience Academy will include teaching/educational activities:   

  • Urban Resilience Intensive Training (for practitioners, policy makers and researchers) running yearly in Copenhagen DK or on-line, from 2019.
  •  SDU Summer School Urban Resilience (for BSc and MSc) running in Odense DK or on-line, from 2020.
  • Short Courses Urban Resilience, half a day or one day, (for practitioners, policy makers and researchers) to be organized on demand from 2020.

  • World Urban Resilience Intensive Trainings organized on demand, lead/co-organized with partner organizations worldwide.

Last Updated 21.02.2022