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Health care

In health care, we are working for example to improve diagnostic and prognosis accuracy, or to provide faster diagnosis and treatment for patients. 

Combining data from different sources, we try to reshape the patient journey in the health system to accurately provide the best possible treatment as fast as possible, while we also try to provide new insights into the development of illnesses and the ability to prevent illnesses before they become acute.

Prognosis of disease progression is playing a crucial role to prevent a waste of valuable time before symptoms are surfacing enough to be diagnosed – or even better, prognostic models can be used to prevent an illness at a very early stage.

This includes the development of new home‑diagnostic and ‑monitoring solutions, targeted at smart phones or glasses.

We support our endeavors where possible with suitable hardware development, for example with ingestible medical robots.

Renewable energy

In renewable energy, we perform remaining lifetime estimations, to improve decision making in operation and maintenance managing. Thus, we help to improve efficiency and to reduce the ecological footprint further.

Last Updated 24.07.2020