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Research Projects


IEPE (Intelligent and Efficient Power Electronics) is a strategic research center between industry and universities. The overall goal is to produce cheaper more reliable power electronic systems, which will accelerate the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

Supported by The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation
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Green PET

Green Power Electronics Test Lab's main purpose is to support Danish companies in developing energy efficiency products by having access to world-class test facilities combined with technological support. Green Power Electronics Test Lab's facilities will continuously be developed in a close relationship with participating universities and companies and thereby be able to create an international research and educational environment within Power Electronics.

Supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the Southern Denmark Growth Forum 
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PE: Region

PE: Region will create synergy and a strong foundation for the Region of Southern Denmark's players in the field of knowledge about effective management and use of electricity - including electronics equipment and transport for the manufacturing and energy sectors. The overall project objective is economic growth and increased employment in the Danish-German border region. 

Supported by Interreg Deutschland Denmark and the European Regional Development Fund 
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The project aims at developing, through acoustic speech-signal analyses and speech-perception experiments, a metric for the automatic measurement and evaluation of speaker charisma that complements existing word-oriented rhetoric strategies.

Supported by Connect Denmark, E4-Impact, and SDU RIO
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APETT - Advanced Power Electronic Technology and Tools is a research project between universities and companies. The project aims to prepare for a paradigm shift in power electronics that will boost the spread of smart electrical energy systems and secure competitiveness and growth of Danish power electronics industry in the next decade. New competences and work methods shall further significantly improve reliability-oriented design and testing, prototyping/development time of power electronics products for energy systems.

Supported by Innovation Fund Denmark
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