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PhD Projects

Current PhD Projects

Computer-Base Design of Power Electronic Converters
by Boyan Dinev 

supervisor: Konstantin Kostov

Udvikling af taleaudiometritest med høj sensitivitet til klinisk brug
by Ellen Raben Pedersen

supervisor: Peter Møller Juhl

Optimum Design and Test of Magnetic components
by Farideh Javidi Niroumand

supervisor: Morten Nymand

Advanced Digital Control of Isolated DC-DC converters
by Karsten Holm Andersen

supervisor: Morten Nymand


For an overview of completed PhD projects please see below:

Alireza Kouchaki, High Efficiency Three Phase PFC using WBG devices, supervisor: Morten Nymand

Fazel TaeedDesign and implementation of controllers for DC-DC converters used in renewable energy applications, supervisor: Morten Nymand

Ishtiyaq Ahmed Makda, High Efficiency High Power Bi-directional DC-DC converter for Renewable Energy Applications, supervisor: Morten Nymand

Kasper Mayntz Paasch, Power Electronic System for Multi-MW PV Sites, supervisor: Morten Nymand

Klaus Marco Göttsche, Reduction of Underwater Noise Propagation by Bubble Curtains, supervisor: Peter Møller Juhl

Rakesh Ramachandran, High Efficency Dc-Dc Converter Using Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductors, supervisor: Morten Nymand



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