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Ana Judith Guerrero Esquivel

Early Stage Researcher 6
Fibre and Particle Engineering


Ana Guerrero is an enthusiastic and multidisciplinary Chemical Engineer seeking to create an impact on a real-world context by the creation, promotion, and management of environmental mitigation projects. She will bring her passion for sustainability and water management to the development of ESR 6: 'P and Fe recovery from iron phosphate materials', which intends to study the behavior of iron phosphates along the wastewater treatment process, in order to find ways to recover, separate, and upgrade P and Fe, when Fe coagulants are used in a wastewater treatment plant.

Ana is from Colombia, where she completed a BSc in Chemical Engineering and where she worked for three years in water treatment and power generation in diverse chemical industries before deciding to pursue a MSc in Industrial Ecology at Leiden University/TU Delft in the Netherlands, where she lived for the last two years.

During her MSc she was part of a consultancy project for PACE through Leiden University, where she dived into the current dynamics of the food system. In this project, she learnt about the critical role of P in the future of the agricultural system. This led her to develop her MSc thesis on P recovery technologies, where she performed a techno-economic and environmental assessment of recovering P from cattle manure as Calcium Phosphate in a UASB reactor. During this experience, her knowledge of the P challenge and the new technologies being developed to solve it grew, and she hopes to apply that in the project about to start.