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Research networks

The Clinical Genome Center

The Clinical Genome Center is a reseach support and core Facility for global genomic analyses and bioinformatics hosted by the Human Genetics Research Unit, Department of Clinical Research, SDU and Department of Clinical Genetics, OUH. The staff has long experience in targeted and global germline testing, somatic mutation profiling in cancer and gene expression profiling.

The Center gives state of the art support to clinical genomics projects, including
  • Project strategy and design
  • Application for funding
  • Generation of genomic data (sequencing)
  • Data analysis
  • Bioinformatics
  • Data interpretation

The Center is supporting a large number of clinical SDU/OUH-researchers, biomedical SDU-researchers and regional and national researchers and is involved in a number of international collaborations often leading to publications in high impact journals. At present clinical researchers from 16 OUH-departments, nearly all of whom are also affiliated to the Department of Clinical Research, SDU, are carrying out genomic projects at the Clinical Genome Center. In 2017-2019 20 Ph.D.-students will start genomic projects with support from the Center.

The available platforms are:

 Next generation sequencing: NextSeq550, Hiseq1500 and MiSeq.
Microarray: Affymetrix and Agilent
PCR: digital droplet PCR (BIORAD), qPCR etc.
Furthermore, liquid handling is performed with BIOMEK4000 robots.

The currently running techniques are targeted DNA sequencing, exome sequencing, whole  genome sequencing, RNA sequencing and methylation sequencing. Furthermore, the center offers microarray profiling of DNA copy-number, SNPs, gene expression and miRNA expression.

The data analysis support includes pipelines for most global genomic applications including sequencing alignment, variant calling, somatic variant calling, microarray data analysis and copy-number analysis, unsupervised learning, classification and pathway analysis. Furthermore, bioinformatic tools are applied for filtering the large amount of data to identify causal genetic variants and mechanisms. Statistical and bioinformatical methods are developed in projects demanding more specialized tools.

The Center is to a large extent financed by external Funding to the genomics projects and through a 3.75 mill. kr. grant from the OUH Frontline Programme 2014-17.

The Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology

The Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology has semi-automatized equipment for extraction of DNA and RNA from blood and urine (Maxwell hardware from Promega). Additionally, we have 2 real-time PCR instruments: a StepOne Plus and a ViiA Real-Time PCR system from Life Technologies.

We have implemented the above for research purposes and routine clinical analyses within gene expression, microRNA, SNP and Copy-Number Analysis (CNV) analyses.

Last Updated 24.01.2020