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Research areas

Brain Cancer Research

This research area focuses on improved diagnostics and therapy to brain cancer patients. Taking advantage of novel molecular tools, the aim is to obtain more precise diagnoses. In parallel with this, the aim is to identify novel therapeutic targets. In order to explain and overcome therapy resistance, we take into account how the microenvironment influences cancer cell biology.

Read more about Brain Cancer Research at webpage for pathology

Contact person: Professor Bjarne Winther Kristensen

Ovarian Cancer Research

Our research area is mainly focused on improving diagnostic strategy and therapy for ovarian cancer patients. We will use new molecular techniques, and the aim is to obtain more precise diagnoses for primary as well as recurrent disease. Furthermore our aim is to identify new therapeutic targets.

Read more about Ovarian Cancer Research at OCRA

Contact person: Consultant, PhD, Associate professor Kirsten Jochumsen

Clinical Precision Medicine

Cancer patients who have already tried the usual treatment options can get helt at the clinic for personalized medicine at Department for Oncology at OUH. At the clinic, health care professionals can examine cancerous nodes and, based on the results, determine whether patients should be offered experimental medical treatment.

Read more about Clinical Precision Medicine at webpage for Oncology 

Contact person: Professor Henrik Ditzel

Last Updated 24.01.2020