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New Article published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Our research paper "Plasmonic Gold Trimers and Dimers with Air-Filled Nanogaps" is now published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

By Jost Adam, , 6/15/2022

Our latest collaborative work, lead by Prof. Svetlana Neretina at  Notre Dame University, investigates plasmonic gold trimers with controlled air-filled nanogaps, allowing to place plasmonic energy at site-specific locations.


Check out our newest publication in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, demonstrating an assembly route for the fabrication of aligned plasmonic gold trimers with air-filled vertical nanogaps having widths that are defined with spatial controls that exceed those of lithographic processes. We optically characterize the fabricated structures and backup our experimental results with numerical simulations.


Read the paper here:

Editing was completed: 14.06.2022