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Award of PhD Degree

The award of a PhD degree

After the defence has been completed, the members of the assessment committee confer. The assessment committee must judge whether the requirements for the PhD thesis and the defence have been fulfilled. The assessment committee informs the Dean and the author of its recommendation via the PhD School Secretariat. The recommendation must be substantiated and in the case of disagreement will be decided by a majority of votes. The assessment committee can inform the parties of its recommendation orally immediately after the defence and it must be presented in writing as soon as possible. The recommendation must be signed by all members of the assessment committee.

The PhD degree will be awarded if this is recommended by the assessment committee.

If the assessment committee's recommendation is negative, the Dean may decide to have the thesis assessed by a new assessment committee if the author requests this within a week.

The PhD certificate

The PhD School Secretariat will issue a PhD certificate immediately after the award of the PhD degree. The PhD certificate is in Danish and English and states the academic field it was awarded for as well as the title of the PhD thesis. The certificate will be signed by the Dean and accompanied by a list of completed courses and study periods abroad/changes of research environment in Danish and English.

Documentation for completed elements of a PhD programme

At the request of PhD students who terminate their programmes without receiving a PhD degree, the PhD School Secretariat will provide documentation in Danish and English for those elements of PhD programmes that have been successfully completed.

Last Updated 26.02.2018