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Originality check

Originality check

Starting 1 December 2018 all PhD theses must have completed an originality check/plagiarism check before being submitted to the PhD School.


The principal supervisor must forward the completed PhD thesis including all manuscripts/articles to the University Library:


The check will generate one of three conclusions:

  1. Green: all is in order, please submit your thesis.
  2. Yellow: Concerns related to previously published text, or other issues. The thesis may be corrected and submitted for a new originality check or you, as the main supervisor, may submit a statement that the issues raised are not a problem
  3. Red: Suspected plagiarism. You, as the principal supervisor, must contact the PhD School for further processing of the case. The process may include contacting the Dean and, if relevant, forwarding the case to the University Committee on Practice.


Please note that only the final version of the PhD thesis can be checked. Should the thesis generate a yellow conclusion one extra check.


The University Library’s conclusion will be sent to the principal supervisor within three work days. The supervisor is responsible for forwarding the conclusion to the PhD student.


The PhD student must enclose the conclusion when the PhD thesis is submitted to the PhD School.


The PhD School will forward the conclusion and, if any, the statement from the the principal supervisor to the assessment committee along with the PhD thesis.

Last Updated 05.07.2019