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Complaints procedure and dispensation

Complaints regarding the university's decisions in accordance with these guidelines for PhD programmes at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences can be brought before the Danish Agency for  Higher Education when the complaint is connected with legal issues. The deadline for submitting complaints is two weeks from the date the complainer has been informed of the decision in question. The PhD students and authors described in the present ministerial order are entitled to make complaints. However, in order to be entitled to submit complaints, authors who have not competed the PhD programme must have had their PhD thesis accepted for assessment pursuant to section 15, subsection 2 of the Ministerial Order on PhD programmes.

Complains must be forwarded to the Dean who will make a statement that the complainer must be allowed a week to comment on. The university will then forward the complaint to the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation together with the statement and any comments the complainer may have made on it.

The university can provide dispensation from the rules in the guidelines for PhD programmes at the Faculty of Social Sciences which have been established by the faculty under special circumstances. Applications for dispensation must be addressed to the PhD committee and forwarded to the PhD School Secretariat.

The Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation may grant exemptions from the ministerial order for PhD student at universities if unusual circumstances apply, except in the situations mentioned in section 19 (3), section 20 (3) and section 26 (1).

Last Updated 26.02.2018