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Digital diploma FAQ

Who receives a digital diploma?

All PhD diplomas issued from January 2020 will be in the digital format. The diplomas are issued by the faculty PhD school.

What is a PhD diploma?

The diploma is the documentation that proves that you have completed the PhD study at The University of Southern Denmark.

A diploma consists of a degree statement and a result overview in Danish and English and may include faculty specific supplements.

The diploma is produced by the university according to guidelines described in the regulatory framework.

Can I change the name on the diploma?
When SDU produces your diploma, we use the name information contained in the SDU PhD administrative system at the time of the creation of the diploma.

It is not possible have a diploma issued with a different name than what is registered in the SDU PhD administrative system. If you change your name after the diploma has been issued, it is not possible to have the name on  the diploma changed.

If you are an international PhD student without a Danish CPR number,  the diploma will include the constructed identification number that is created upon enrollment. The constructed identification number consists of date of birth followed by the two first letters of your first name and the first letter of your surname and the number 1 for males and 2 for females.
When is the diploma issued?
The university has two months to produce a diploma and make it available to the graduate* (July is not included in the two months).
At SDU, we aim to make the diploma available earlier than what the deadline allows, but in busy periods where many degrees are conferred, waiting time may occour.
What if I loose my diploma?

If you have lost your paper diploma, issued before 1 January 2020, you may request a copy of your diploma by contacting the PhD school at relevant faculty. It is not possible to have a new  diploma issued.

Can I have a paper diploma?

From 1 January 2020, SDU exclusively issues digital PhD diplomas. You can therefore no longer get your diploma issued on paper. 
If you need a paper copy of your diploma it is possible to print from the file in the digital diploma mailbox. Please contact the PhD school if you have questions regarding paper diplomas.

How do I get my diploma verified?

The PhD diploma is secured with a verification link. By entering the link address into an internet browser the original diploma can be accessed on  the SDU server.
Should you need further verification of your diploma or degree, please see information on The Ministry of Foregin Affairs apostille certification of documents in the "Legalization" tab in the Digital Diploma Mailbox or contact the PhD school.

How do I save my digital diploma?

SDU recommends that you download your diploma for future safe-keeping and use.

Can I give a third party access?

You can give third parties access to selected documents in the Digital Diploma Mailbox or  send documents to third parties directly from the mailbox.