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Knowledge dissemination

According to the Ministerial Order on PhD programmes section 7, subsection 4 the PhD student must gain experience of teaching or other types of knowledge dissemination which is related to the student's PhD project during the course of study. Various types of knowledge dissemination may be of relevance, depending on the PhD student's terms of employment, career plans and project. 

Knowledge dissemination can take the form of:

  • teaching
  • participation in an educational programme with supervision
  • counselling students
  • preparation of books on communication, contributing to books, articles, feature articles or posters
  • an industrial PhD student's business report
  • lectures on communication  


Tasks of an administrative character cannot be included.  

PhD students who intend to teach – or are interested in teaching – can obtain supervision from a lecturer responsible for the subject and other permanent lecturers in this connection. They can also take part in teaching courses for new lecturers at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences. Time consumption for this can count as knowledge dissemination and, for PhD students who are employed, can count as part of their work requirement.  

The total extent of knowledge dissemination must correspond to a least 300 hours' work, irrespective of the PhD student's terms of employment. Time consumption for teaching is calculated in accordance with the principles for settling working hours for employed PhD students.

PhD students under the Industrial PhD programme can reach an agreement with the Head of PhD School, the Head of Department and the collaborative partner to the effect that the teaching and knowledge dissemination requirement can be fulfilled by activities at the collaborative partner's address.

A plan for fulfilling the provisions in the Ministerial Order on PhD programmes about gaining experience of teaching or another type of knowledge dissemination must be included in the PhD plan, and must be approved by the PhD committee. It will often be impossible to draw up a detailed plan so it will be up to the principal supervisor and the PhD student to fill in the plan on an ongoing basis.  

The Head of PhD School must be informed about communication activities and the plans for the remainder of the PhD period in connection with the first and second year evaluations.

Total knowledge dissemination activities are reported finally in connection with the concluding principal supervisor's evaluation

Last Updated 11.10.2019