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Stays at Other Research Institutions

According to Section 7, subsection 3 of the Ministerial Order on PhD programmes, PhD students must spend time at several active research environments, including participation in active research environments, including stays at other, mainly foreign, research institutions, private research enterprises, etc. part of the PhD programme. This means that the PhD student must spend part of his/her PhD period at other research institutions.  

Due to the international character of the programme, there should normally be a longer study period lasting from three to six months at a foreign research institution that is of academic relevance to the PhD study programme.  

The principal supervisor must ensure that the PhD student has an opportunity to establish contacts with active research environments outside the University of Southern Denmark. In this connection, he/she will typically make use of his/her national and international networks to plan the PhD student's study periods at other international or national research environments. 

These study periods must be approved by the principal supervisor and the Head of Department and included in the PhD plan. If the plan for such a study period has not been finalised in connection with drawing up the PhD plan, the PhD plan must contain information on when the study period abroad is expected to take place. Information on study periods abroad must be forwarded to the PhD School when planning has been finalised.  

If a longer study period abroad is not possible or appropriate, this must be substantiated in the PhD plan and an account provided as to how the requirement in the Ministerial Order on PhD programmes to spend time at other research environments can be met.  

Study periods at other research institutions are reported finally in connection with the concluding principal supervisor's evaluation

Last Updated 29.05.2018