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The composition of a course programme

PhD courses must be at an academic level higher than that of the qualifying graduate programme, unless special academic considerations demand that this principle be waived.

PhD courses can take the form of: 

  • PhD courses proper offered by the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, by the research training programme that the faculty takes part in or collaborates with, or other Danish or foreign institutions in connection with study periods abroad, for instance.
  • The Industrial Course for Industrial PhD students from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (7.5 ECTS points).
  • Other courses of particular relevance to the PhD project, such as IT courses or courses on statistical methods.
  • Active participation in seminars, workshops or conferences. (Conference participation with the presentation of a paper can at maximum count for 2 ECTS points).  Written documentation which is documenting the PhD student's presentation must be provided. For example, in the form of a conference program where the PhD student's name appears at the specific presentation. 
  • Conference participation with poster presentation can be equated with the presentation of a paper and can at maximum count for 2 ECTS points.
  • Courses in communication for PhD students (maximum 5 ECTS points).
  • Self-tuition/a reading course under the supervision of a teacher. There must be some kind of evaluation or examination in connection with such courses.

Course programmes must be adapted to the individual student's project and research interests. The principal supervisor must ensure that there is a sufficient academic spread in the composition of courses and that the planned courses are relevant and at a high academic level.

At least half of a course programme (15 ECTS points) must be PhD courses proper with an academic content. Communication courses (the University of Southern Denmark's courses, courses in academic writing and similar) can at maximum count for 5 ECTS points. Courses in teaching methods cannot be included. Graduate courses can be included if the principal supervisor considers they are of relevance to the project. The Head of PhD School can give dispensation from the distribution of ECTS points.

All PhD students who are enrolled after 1. January 2016 must participate in the mandatory course "Responsible Conduct of Research".  

The PhD School recommends that applications for approval of at least 15 ECTS courses is submitted before the first year evaluation. Furthermore, a plan for execution of the remaining course activities should exist and all course activities should be completed by the time of the second year evaluation.

PhD courses offered by the faculty are announced on the PhD Schools website under "Courses" and at Information on courses offered at other national or international institutes of education can be found via the links on the website.

Last Updated 05.12.2019