Approval of course programmes and courses

The course programme forms part of the PhD plan (cf. section 9) and must be approved by the PhD committee. It will often be impossible to plan a course programme in full detail as research courses are frequently offered at relatively short notice so it will be up to the principal supervisor and the PhD student to find relevant courses on an ongoing basis in order for the PhD plan to be fulfilled.

Applications for approval of completed course activities must be submitted along with the PhD plan, the first year evaluation or the second year evaluation. Afterwards, the application will be processed by the PhD Committee. Applications for approval must be made on a special form containing information on who is offering the activity and how many ECTS points are suggested. The form must be signed by the PhD student and his/her principal supervisor. Applications must be accompanied by a course description and documentation showing that the activity has been completed/passed.

In connection with approval, the PhD committee takes into consideration the number of ECTS points each activity will count for based on the following principles:

  • As a principal rule, courses offered under research training programmes in which the faculty takes part usually make use of the ECTS point value established in the research training programme.
  • One ECTS point equals approximately 25-30 hours' work.
  • Conferences at which the PhD student presents a paper or a poster normally correspond to 2 ECTS points. Written documentation which is documenting the PhD student's presentation must be provided. For example, in the form of a conference program where the PhD student's name appears at the specific presentation. 
  • Courses at Master’s level of relevance to the project are evaluated at half of the ECTS points that apply to graduate students.


There may be specific requirements for the composition of course programmes in the individual academic fields, including a requirement for the inclusion of certain courses.

The overall course programme is reported finally in connection with the concluding principal supervisor's evaluation

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