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Milestones during the third year


Milestones during the third year of the PhD Programme

This programme addresses students who need one year (60 ECTS) to complete their graduate degrees.

PhD programmes in accordance with the 4+4 programme have a prescribed period of four years' full-time studies and must include the same elements (incl. 30 course activity) and courses corresponding to 60 ECTS points, of which 30 ECTS points can be at graduate level, and a qualifying examination equivalent to a Master's thesis (30 ECTS points).

The programme is divided into two parts, part A and part B, each taking two years. The programme is organised so that the student completes the graduate programme at the end of part A as an integral part of the PhD programme.

Part B must be structured in such a way that, after completing it, the student will have completed his/her PhD project by writing a final PhD thesis and have fulfilled the requirements for coursesstudy periods abroad and knowledge dissemination.

The composition of part B therefore depends on those elements of the PhD programme that have already been completed during part A.

After a year's studies in part B or no later than 36 months after submitting the PhD plan, there will be an third year evaluation corresponding to the second year evaluation under the 5+3 programme. Please use the Third year evaluation (4+4) form.

This report must include:

  • a description (approximately half to one page) of the research carried out during the PhD project to date (progress, results, any obstacles) and research plans for the remainder of the PhD period – including any adjustments made in relation to the PhD plan.
  • an overview of the expected contents of the thesis (a list of articles, chapters or similar) indicating the status of the various parts (published, completed, being proofread, in progress, being planned or similar.)
  • information on completed and planned courses, communication activitiesperiods spent abroad and the fulfilment of the work requirement for employed PhD students.
  • any other information that may be of relevance to an evaluation of the programme.

After a year's studies in part B or no later than 36 months after submitting the PhD plan.

The Head of PhD School may decide to call in the PhD student and/or his/her principal supervisor for an interview in order to obtain more details in connection with the written material.

After each evaluation, the Head of PhD School decides whether the course of the programme has been satisfactory on the basis of the written material and any interviews. The PhD student and his/her principal supervisor will be informed of this decision in writing.

Enrolment will automatically be extended if the course of the PhD study programme has been approved.

If the course of the programme cannot be approved, clear reasons for this and an itemisation of the areas that have not been satisfactory must be given to enable the PhD student to consider how to tackle its shortcomings. In the event, the PhD student is allowed two weeks to come up with comments, after which he/she will receive an offer to re-establish the programme.

If the Head of PhD School concludes that the PhD student has failed to live up to the requirements in the PhD plan in spite of any adjustments that may have been made, the PhD student must be offered an opportunity to re-establish the PhD study programme within three months. The three months may not as such lead to an extension of the overall PhD programme. The chance to get back on course in connection with a regular assessment can only be given to the PhD student once during the PhD programme.

If the PhD student has not accepted the offer to re-establish the programme within a week of receiving an offer to this effect, enrolment will be terminated.

If the PhD student accepts the offer to rectify the programme, the Head of PhD School will appoint an assessment committee comprising two expert examiners and the principal supervisor. The assessment committee must set out concrete goals as to how the PhD student can re-establish his/her study programme within the three months and decide whether there is a need to change the PhD plan.

At the end of the three months, the assessment committee must perform a new assessment within a month to determine whether the PhD student has achieved the goals set out and can continue with his/her study programme.

If, after the three months, the assessment is positive, the Head of PhD School can approve it and the PhD student can continue his/her studies. The Head of PhD School will inform the PhD student and his/her principal supervisor about the decision in writing.

If, after the three months, the assessment is still negative, enrolment will be terminated. The Head of PhD School may decide to inform another place of employment, if any, of this. The Head of PhD School will inform the PhD student and his/her principal supervisor about the decision in writing. The PhD student can submit remarks to the Dean about the decision made by the Head of PhD School within a week. In this case, the final decision will be made by the Dean.

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