PhD Plan

The PhD plan must be approved by the PhD committee no later than three months after enrolment. But in order to ensure that approval can be obtained in good time, the PhD plan must be the PhD School Secretariat to hand after two months at the latest.

The PhD plan is an overall plan for the PhD project and the other elements included in PhD programmes. The PhD plan must be approved by the PhD committee no later than three months after the PhD programme has begun, cf. Section 9 of the Ministerial Order on PhD programmes. The purpose of the PhD plan is to ensure a rapid clarification of expectations for the PhD student and his/her principal supervisor about the project, supervision and the programme in general. The PhD plan must be as precise as possible, but can be adjusted and clarified on an ongoing basis – in connection with the first and second year evaluations, for example. This means that plans for study periods at other research institutions, participation in courses and the form that the thesis will take, etc., that have not been decided after two months, can be added subsequently.

The PhD plan must be signed by the principal supervisor, the PhD student and the Head of Department before submission to the PhD School and must be the PhD School Secretariat to hand no later than two months after the beginning of the PhD programme. The PhD School's special form must be used. The PhD plan must be approved by the PhD committee.

The approved PhD plan forms the basis for the ongoing evaluation of the progress of the PhD project and related studies.

It is quite possible to base the PhD plan on part or all of the project description that constituted part of the application for the PhD project.

The PhD plan must contain:

  1. Information on the academic field, departmental connection and attachment to a research training programme, if applicable.
  2. A timetable for the PhD programme as a whole, which provides an account of the completion of the individual elements of the programme.
  3. An agreement on the form supervision will take. There must be information on the number of hours of supervision that can be expected per semester, on the division of roles between the principal supervisor and the co-supervisor and the extent to which they are available to the PhD student.
  4. A plan for the PhD project. A description of the research project, including information on research issues, theories and methods and a description of any subsidiary projects and milestones.
  5. A plan for the form the thesis will take (monograph or articles).
  6. A plan for PhD courses. The composition of PhD courses must be agreed in consultation with the principal supervisor. If possible, descriptions of planned courses must be enclosed.
  7. A plan for participating in active research environments – including stays at other, mainly foreign, research institiontion, private research enterpriceses, etc.
  8. A copyright agreement. If the PhD programme is performed in collaboration with several parties, the PhD plan must include an agreement on copyright and the rights to the data collected. Any limitations of copyright must be approved by the Dean on the recommendation of the Head of PhD School. The thesis will be published if there are no special circumstances to prevent this.
  9. A funding plan (budget). Funding for the PhD programme must be approved in connection with enrolment. It must be made clear whether the research training programme will be funded through internal or external means.
  10. An evaluation of the PhD plan by the principal supervisor and the PhD student's requirements in relation to the plan, including an evaluation of whether it is realistic to assume that the PhD student will be capable of realising the plan within the PhD period.

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