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Application for the award of a scholarship before the completion of a graduate programme (4+4)

The award of a scholarship under the 4+4 programme means that a student can begin a PhD programme before completing a graduate programme. The conditions for this are that the applicant must have acquired a bachelor degree and passed subjects in a graduate programme corresponding to 60 ECTS points. For the first two years of study, the student will be enrolled in both a graduate and a PhD programme and must have acquired a graduate degree after the two years have elapsed. He/she will then be enrolled solely as a PhD student for the remaining two years with the aim of acquiring a PhD. 

If the student comes from another place of study, the respective Academic Study Boards at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences must also approve credit transfers from subjects already passed before the student can be enrolled. 

It is a condition for enrolment in the 4+4 programme that the course of studies in bachelor and graduate programmes were passed with satisfactory grades and that it is considered probable that the applicant will be capable of fulfilling the ordinary requirements for enrolment after a maximum of one year's study. 

Vacant scholarships are offered by the faculty's departments and are announced on the university's website on an ongoing basis. Deadlines for applications, etc., will be included in the vacancy announcement. Applications include both the award of scholarships and enrolment. A special application form must be used. 

Applications must be accompanied by: 

  • A copy of the bachelor degree certificate or similar qualifying examination that corresponds to a three-year Danish bachelor degree.
  • A CV.
  • A project description.
  • Information on teaching experience or other knowledge dissemination.
  • A list of publications, if applicable.

It is a condition that the applicant contacts the department before writing an application in order to obtain more detailed information about the department's research profile, the background for the scholarship, supervision options, etc. 

The project description must contain an account of the research issues the student wishes to investigate, a description of methods and theories and an outline of a timetable for the work showing that it would be realistic to complete the PhD project within a four-year period. 

Applications will be evaluated by the relevant course committee as a representative for the scientific staff on the PhD committee. The course committee forwards a written evaluation to the Head of Department and the Head of PhD School for each applicant, which contains: 

  • A brief characterisation of the applicant's academic qualifications and the PhD project.
  • An assessment of the probability that the applicant can complete a PhD project within the standard study period.

The committee's evaluation will be sent to the individual applicant for his/her information.

The Head of PhD School decides which applicants are qualified for enrolment in PhD programmes on the basis of the course committee's evaluation. The Dean makes the final decision on the employment of the PhD student in consultation with the Head of Department. The Head of Department can choose to call in qualified applicants for an interview before making a decision regarding employment.  

Enrolment can take place from the 1st or 15th of a month. Applicants cannot be enrolled with retrospective effect.

Last Updated 05.12.2019