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Application for enrolment with external funding without employment at SDU

The condition for enrolment without employment at the University of Southern Denmark is that the expenses of a PhD programme must be funded in another way, typically by an external grant provider who is the employer of the PhD student.  

The faculty charges a study fee for enrolling PhD students with external funding, typically DKK 88,000 per year for supervision, administration and assessment of the PhD thesis.

Applications for enrolment with external funding can be forwarded at any time. A special application form must be used. Applications must be forwarded to the PhD School Secretariat.

Applications must be accompanied by:

  • A copy of the Master's degree certificate or other similar qualifying examination, including examination grades. Foreign examination certificates that are not written in Norwegian, Swedish or English must be accompanied by a Danish or English translation and a translation of the official description of the grading scale used.
  • A CV.
  • A project description.
  • Information on teaching experience or other knowledge dissemination.
  • A list of publications, if applicable.
  • A statement from an academic contact at the academic environment (department) at which the student wishes to perform the project.
  • An advance undertaking regarding the funding of the PhD programme and information regarding a contact attached to the external grant provider.  

Applications will normally only be processed when there is documentation for the full funding of the PhD programme, i.e. for funding the PhD student's salary, study fee, expenses for study periods and courses abroad, expenses for the research project, expenses for data collection and for assistance from technical/administrative personnel, for example.  

Applications will be evaluated by the relevant course committee, which will forward its evaluation in writing to the Head of Department and the Head of PhD School, containing: 

  • A brief characterisation of the applicant's academic qualifications and the PhD project.
  • An assessment of the probability that the applicant can complete a PhD project within the standard study period.
  • Any special demands that should be made on the applicant in connection with supplementary courses or similar as a precondition for his/her ability to perform the PhD project satisfactorily. 

The committee's evaluation will be sent to the individual applicant for his/her information. 

The Head of PhD School decides whether an applicant is qualified for enrolment in a PhD programme on the basis of the course committee's evaluation. The Head of Department decides whether the project lies within the scope of the department's research plan and whether sufficient supervisory capacity is available. The Head of Department and/or the Head of PhD School can choose to call in a qualified applicant for an interview before making a decision regarding enrolment. Applicants with foreign examinations in particular will normally be interviewed to ensure that they master English or Danish at a satisfactory level.

Enrolment can only take place if the Head of PhD School decides that the applicant is qualified and if the Head of Department has a positive opinion of the applicant. 

A contract is entered into between the relevant parties in connection with enrolment as a PhD student with external funding.

The contract is drawn up by the PhD School Secretariat and signed by the Dean, the Head of PhD School, the Head of Department, the external grant provider and the PhD student. The purpose of the contract is to establish the general terms of cooperation at the beginning of the programme – including the terms of funding. It must be made clear how the various items of expense for the project will be funded and where the PhD student will work on a day-to-day basis.  

The project cannot commence until the contract has been signed and the enrolment has been approved. Enrolment can take place from the 1st or 15th of a month. Applicants cannot be enrolled with retrospective effect.

Last Updated 26.02.2018