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Registration and settlement of working hours

The required work is performed at the department where the PhD student is employed and by more detailed agreement with the department and the PhD supervisor. The work must be of relevance to the PhD student's project, research interests and career plans. The duties must be timetabled so that they fit into the PhD plan, and they must not prevent the PhD student completing his or her project, attending courses or going abroad

The department is responsible for the ongoing registration of the tasks carried out, for calculating the number of hours worked and for informing the PhD student and principal supervisor about registered and planned work in the form of performance and development reviews, for instance, long-term planning, calculating normative hours and similar. 

Hours of work are calculated as follows: 

  • Teaching: five hours per teaching hour.
  • Instruction: two and a half hours per teaching hour.
  • Supervision: all hours in connection with preparation, meetings, following up and examinations.
  • Research, exposition, research assistance: all hours are included provided that the work involved is not of direct relevance to the thesis.
  • Presentations: all hours are included – also for preparation.
  • Membership of the PhD committee or participation in committee work at the faculty: all hours are included or there is a fixed standard rate per task. 


PhD students may not perform tasks of an administrative character.

In the case of disagreement between the Head of Department, the PhD student and/or the principal supervisor regarding the nature, extent or timing of required work, the Dean makes the final decision regarding the required tasks in consultation with the Head of PhD School.

Last Updated 05.12.2019