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Salaried PhD scholarships in accordance with the 5+3 programme

Employment as a salaried PhD scholar is carried out in pursuance of the circular of 1 July 2013 on Collective Agreements for Academics employed by the State – appendix 5, in the protocol on PhD scholarships. The protocol can be found here (Only available in Danish). 

The collective agreement applies to all scholarship holders paid by the university:

  • University fellows assigned faculty scholarships
  • The Danish Councils for Independent Research Fellows funded via external funds obtained as part of a research project at a department
  • Other external Council Fellows funded by a council or a foundation who have been awarded a research scholarship of relevance to one or more research areas at a department 

In pursuance of the collective agreement, the PhD student must fulfil the requirements laid down in the Ministerial Order on PhD programmes and is also be obliged to perform tasks corresponding to 840 hours' work during the term of his/her employment. The tasks could include teaching, knowledge dissemination and other academic tasks. In special cases, a reduction of the 840 hours can be granted with a corresponding reduction in salary. Students should refer to the collective agreements and organisational agreements current from time to time in connection with salaries, pensions and other terms of employment.

Last Updated 05.12.2019