Credit transfer and Enrolment in a part-time PhD programme

Credit transfer

Applications can be accompanied by an application for credit transfer for research of relevance to the project, relevant occupational employment and/or PhD courses completed before the beginning of the PhD study on the condition that they are not included in the graduate programme. Credit transfer will result in a corresponding reduction of the scholarship period. Applications for credit transfer are handled by the PhD committee.

Enrolment in a part-time PhD programme

PhD programmes are normally full-time studies but, in special circumstances, can be arranged as part-time programmes if there are relevant reasons for this. A substantiated application for part-time enrolment must be forwarded to the Dean via the Head of PhD School accompanied by a recommendation from the Head of Department and agreed individually in connection with enrolment. A part-time PhD study programme may normally take a maximum of six years. The terms for part-time enrolment are established in an agreement between the PhD student, the external collaborative partner, if any, and the faculty.

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