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Enrolment and Employment

Enrolment in PhD programmes is based on a completed, relevant graduate programme or on similar documented qualifications such as a corresponding course of studies from a foreign university (comprising 300 ECTS points). Enrolment requires the graduate programme to have been completed with a convincing result, i.e. with grades at the upper end of the grading scale. In particular, the graduate programme must document research-related abilities and special emphasis is therefore placed on the grading of the thesis and other advanced, independent educational elements in addition to relevant methodology courses.

It is possible to apply for enrolment before the above-mentioned conditions have been fulfilled, but enrolment depends on their fulfilment by the date of enrolment.

Applicants with another educational background who have acquired the necessary academic qualifications can be enrolled. However, there may be a requirement for them to fulfil special academic requirements before enrolment or concurrently with the course of studies.

It is a requirement for enrolment in a PhD programme that the person in question has been awarded a scholarship or has entered into a funding agreement.

Students who have completed qualifying examinations corresponding to a three-year Danish bachelor degree and have passed subjects in a graduate programme corresponding to 60 ECTS points can be enrolled in PhD programmes on the condition that they have been awarded a scholarship in accordance with the 4+4 programme.

Last Updated 06.10.2021