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Special Rules for 4+4 Schemes

When enrolling in the 4+4 scheme as a student, you must earn 60 ECTS credits to acquire a Master’s degree. The first part (Part A) of your PhD study must therefore include PhD course activity equivalent to 30 ECTS credits and graduate courses equivalent to least 60 ECTS credits, of which 30 ECTS credits are awarded for the qualifying examination.

We recommend that your course programme in Part A comprise a significant part of the total course programme. It is possible to complete the entire course programme (including the 30 ECTS PhD courses in Part B) in Part A.

Graduate courses that have not been approved in relation to the profile of the Master’s degree programme must be approved by the respective study board. All subjects followed at an institution other than SDU, and for which you would like credit transferred to the graduate part, must also be pre-approved by the respective study board. As a PhD student, it is your responsibility to apply for these approvals from the study board.

Last Updated 06.10.2021