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Plagiarism check

Procedure valid until 1 September 2021:

As of 1 January 2020, all TEK PhD theses must be checked for plagiarism/originality before being submitted for the evaluation and defense. The check will be conducted by the University Library (SDUB) and can take up to 3 work days.

The PhD student is responsible for sending their thesis to SDUB for the check prior to printing and submitting the thesis to the PhD school.

NB - Ideally the manuscript should be sent to SDUB 3 weeks before the deadline for submitting the thesis to the PhD school. This is to allow time for a correction process and printing at SDU Print and Sign before the submission deadline.

The procedure for the plagiarism check is as follows:
The PhD student sends the final manuscript of the thesis to with CC to the principal supervisor. Files must be less than 100MB.

SDUB currently supports file upload of the following document types: Word, Text, PostScript, PDF, HTML, Excel, PowerPoint, Word Perfect WPD, OpenOffice ODT, RTF, Hangul HWP

Students who have graduated from a university other than SDU must also send the master's thesis to SDUB so that it can be uploaded to SafeAssign. An employee from SDUB uploads the PhD thesis first in SafeAssign and then in iThenticate. SafeAssign and iThenticate each generate a report which is manually reviewed by SDUB.

  • The thesis is screened for blocks of text that SafeAssign and iThenticate have identified as identical to other text. Introduction, method, results, discussion, and conclusion should not contain many identical pieces of text.
  • Some identical word combinations and lines of limited length can be accepted, but a whole paragraph will trigger a remark.
  • A remark is only given if the correct reference and/or quotation mark is missing.
  • Literature lists and appendices (e.g. attached articles) are not analyzed.

When a thesis has been screened, a staff member from SDUB sends the result and pdf copy of the report to the student with cc to the principal supervisor. The SDUB will be in communication with the student until all matters regarding the check and its conclusion have been clarified.

The plagiarism check will generate one of three conclusions:
Green: all is in order, and the thesis may be submitted. A solemn declaration regarding the plagiarism check signed by the PhD student and the principal supervisor must be submitted along with the thesis.

Yellow: Concerns related to previously published text, or other issues. The principal supervisor may assess that the issues raised are not a problem and the thesis may be submitted, or the thesis may be corrected and submitted for a new originality check. A solemn declaration regarding the originality check signed by the PhD student and the principal supervisor must be submitted along with the thesis.

Red: Suspected plagiarism. The principal supervisor must contact the head of the PhD School for further action.

Please note that, generally, only the final version of the thesis can be checked. Should the thesis generate a yellow conclusion, the student may have only one extra check.

Procedure after 1 September 2021:

The plagiarism check is integrated in the submission process. Please consult the SDUB webpage with information on the process.


Questions regarding the plagiarism check

Contact the research librarian

Send email

Plagiarism, crediting and good citation practice's informative website

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The Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

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Solemn declaration regarding the originality check.

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