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Undergraduate research year

An undergraduate research year gives students from the Faculty of Health Sciences an opportunity to focus on research and thereby get acquainted with relevant research methods, scientific literature and research in general.

The undergraduate research year is, in most cases, a combination of:

  • a research semester where you are on leave from your Master's programme and
  • one semester’s course work as part of your Master’s programme, including your Master's thesis

To be enrolled as a research year student, you must meet the Master’s programme’s criteria for being admitted to the master thesis semester.
You must, in corporation with your main supervisor, write a research proposal and apply for approval at the Graduate School through one of the two yearly rounds of application.

During the first part of the research year, you will be working full time on the research project, and can participate in the research units’ activities such as lab work, meetings, conferences etc. You can furthermore participate in up to three PhD courses offered by the Graduate School.

During the last part of the research year, you will again follow the Master’s programme, and must write the Master’s thesis based on research conducted during the research year, according to the rules and regulations of the study programme.

Overview: from project proposal to publication


Last Updated 16.10.2020