Project proposal

Team up with a supervisor

Your project proposal must be made in collaboration with a supervisor who is willing to guide you through your research project and the research year. Your supervisor must be a senior researcher at the Faculty of Health Sciences (ass. professor or professor).

You may also have one or more co-supervisors. Co-supervisors can be other senior researchers or PhD students.

Compose a project proposal

The proposal of your proposed research project should account for:

  • Thesis/purpose/hypothesis
  • Methods and materials (extent of material, number of measurements, extent of journal data)
  • Ethics
  • Timeline (project and sub-projects, courses, dissemination activities, writing of manuscript)
  • Feasibility (Are the necessary facilities available? Can the project be completed in one year? Is your role in the project clearly described?)
  • Name of your supervisor(s)
  • References

Your project proposal should not exceed 4 pages, excluding references. It should be written in English or in one of the Scandinavian languages.


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