The PhD committee

The PhD committee consists of five university instructors (appointed for three years) and five PhD students (appointed for one year). The members of the PhD committee recommend a person amongst themselves for the position as Chaiman and the Vice-Chairman and give their recommendation to the Dean. It is possible for the Chaiman also to be Head of the PhD school. The PhD committee has two permanent sub-committees; The Committee Concerning Academic Dissertations and the Course committee.

The PhD committee has the following tasks:

  • To recommend a chairman among the committee’s scientific staff and (if any) a vice chairman among the PhD students in the committee to the Dean.
  • To recommend the enrolment of PhD students for the Head of the PhD school, including approval of supervisors according the the faculty requirements.
  • To recommend the composition of Assessment committees regarding Phd Theses, to the Dean.
  • To assess applications for exemption
  • To approve PhD courses - among these applications for credits
  • To Draw up suggestion to the Head of PhD school on internal guidelines for the PhD school, including PhD supervision which finally is approved by the Dean
  • To inform the Head of PhD school about the planning and evaluation of the school's activities.
  • To inform about all matters concerning the PhD programme which has been presented by the Dean or his/her representative.


Members of the PhD committee

Scientific staff
Lektor, PhD Susanne RavnDepartment of Sports Science and Clinical BiomechanicsResearch Unit: Movement, Culture and Society
Associate professor, PhD 
Rune Lindahl-Jacobsen, Department of Public Health. Research Unit: Epidemiology, Biostatistics og Biodemography
Associate professor, PhD Jens Kjeldsen, Department of Clinical Research. Research Unit: Medical Gastroenterology
Professor, MD Christian Godballe (Head of PhD school), Department of Clinical Research.  Research Unit: Oto-Rhino-Laryngology
Professor, MD Niels Qvist, Department of Clinical Research.  Research Unit: Surgery

PhD students
Cand.Scient. Kristina Lyngsø, Department of Molecular Medicine.  Research Unit: Cardiovascular and Renal Research Laura Løkkegaard, Department of Public Health, Research Unit: Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Biodemography
Cand.manu. Stine Haugaard Clausen, Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics. Research Unit: Clinical Biomechanics Ditlev Nytoft Rasmussen, Department of Clinical Research. Research Unit: Medical Gastroenterology
Cand.pæd.ant. Tania Erika Aniol Hansen, Department of Public Health, Research Unit:  General Practice

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