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Who does what?

Instructions for the practical conduct of the defence of the PhD thesis

When the assessment committee has been appointed and the thesis is under assessment, the tasks in connection with the defence are divided as follows:

The PhD student is responsible for:

  • Setting a preliminary date for the defence in collaboration with the main supervisor and the assessment committee (Please don't contact the assessment committee before you have received an e-mail  confirming that your thesis has been forwarded to the assessment committee)
  • Ensuring Internet connection and any necessary technical equipment is present in the room where the defence will be conducted (e.g. PC, projector, microphones etc., along with a note to technical services about any special needs or arrangements)

The main supervisor is responsible for:

  • Setting a preliminary date for the defence in collaboration with the PhD student and the assessment committee
  • Booking a suitable room for the defence and one for the preparatory meeting  

After the recommendation from the assessment committee:

The main supervisor and the PhD student are responsible for:

  • Setting a final date for the defence in collaboration with the assessment committee and to give the date, time and place to the PhD School
  • Announcing the defence to outside parties

The PhD School is responsible for:

  • Issuing an official announcement of the defence to the PhD student and the assessment committee, including the start time
  • Production of notice announcing the defence
  • Announcing the defence on the faculty website and in the University’s activity calendar
  • Sending the notice to the PhD student, the main supervisor, the head of department and the department secretary
  • Booking a hotel for external adjudicators (a maximum of 2 nights); the adjudicators arrange the travel themselves
  • When the defence takes place at one of SDU’s campuses, the PhD School orders refreshments for the preparatory meeting, and bottles of water and a flower arrangement for the defence
  • Paying the external adjudicators and refunding their travel expenses
  • Forwarding the PhD protocol to the chair of the assessment committee, this includes making sure that the final recommendation is available.

The chair of the assessment committee also acts as chair for the defence.

A Faculty attendant will often be on site just before the defence starts and can be contacted through the building’s technical service department.

Conferral of the PhD degree
Presentation of PhD diploma

The PhD diploma is written in both Danish and English and is issued by the PhD Secretariat. It is signed by the Dean of the University, and the statement from the Head of the PhD School is enclosed.

The University of Southern Denmark hosts an annual event in June for all the faculties at the Odense campus to celebrate the new PhDs. The University invites an external guest lecturer, and there are musical contributions from students at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, Odense. The event is concluded by a reception.

Publication of the PhD thesis

The printed PhD thesis is made publicly available after the defence. Three copies are given to the PhD school – one is for the Faculty and the other two are forwarded to the SDU Library. The PhD thesis is the author's property and cannot be loaned or disseminated without the author's written consent. This can be given by the author on a form that is sent by the PhD Secretariat to the SDU Library, along with the PhD thesis.

Last Updated 22.03.2019