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The main supervisor's responsibilities

In cooperation with the student, as main supervisor, you are responsible, both formally and concerning supervision, for the total course of the PhD project.

You must be employed at The Faculty of Health Sciences as associated professor or professor and be a scientifically qualified, active researcher within the relevant research field.

It is up to you to make sure that:

  • you are familiar with the PhD Order and the guidelines regarding the PhD programme defined by the Graduate School.
  • immediately after the beginning of the programme you call a meeting on matching of expectations where  you plan the framework for the supervision
  • you inform your PhD student about the necessary safety conduct in the laboratories, about the faculty guidelines within IT-security and about the necessary research ethical and legal requirements of the project, as well as introduce your PhD student to the research environment and the relevant graduate programme and department.
  • you give constructive critique and response to submitted manuscripts/publications and parts of/the final PhD thesis all in plenty of time for the PhD thesis to be handed in, in due time.
  • you discuss the completed work with the student and if necessary, revise the purpose of the work, partly in light of how the work progresses and partly in light of eksternal factors, like e.g. the funding of the work or newly published findings which can result in the need for a revision of the work. You should also be able to say stop, even though the achieved results appear to open up for exciting - though uncertain and time consuming - sub-projects.
  • the required half-yearly reports are submitted to the Graduate School.
  • your PhD student has the opportunity to present his/her own work both in and outside the department,  including international meetings.
  • your PhD programme is completed and no unnecessary time is spend on course activities when the 30 ECTS-credits are obtained.
  • you contact the Graduate School in case of problems in the relationship with your PhD student and the progression of the project. Please be aware that the Head of Graduate School can act as mediator, if a dispute should occur between you and your PhD student.

Last Updated 22.03.2019