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Half-yearly reports

According to University regulations, the department must regularly assess whether the PhD student is following the PhD plan. At the Faculty of Health Sciences, this happens every half-year on set dates: 1 May and 1 November.

The PhD student and the main supervisor need to complete an evaluation sheet, which you will find in Self Service in the menu on your right.  Please send the report to the Graduate school via

To complete the report, you will need to assess your progress and consider whether the PhD plan has been followed for the preceding half-year, and describe any deviations. The PhD student briefly describes the project's progress, and the main supervisor includes a statement – the PhD student should first have had an opportunity to comment on this statement. It is important to use the report to inform about possible problems, either in relation to the PhD project and courses or regarding the relationship between the PhD student and supervisor. Note that the PhD student and the main supervisor must agree on what is written in the report.

The Head of the Graduate School assesses and approves the half-yearly reports. The students will only get a response, however, if major changes in the original PhD plan have been made or if some kind of problem is reported.

Please note that your thesis cannot be accepted for assessment if you have not sent in the obligatory half-yearly reports.

Last Updated 22.03.2019