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The research project

The research project is the core of your PhD programme. The planning, undertaking and reporting of an original research work will enable you to gain experience in the different aspects of research and will also document your ability to perform research at a high international level.

At the Faculty of Health Sciences, you can undertake a PhD project in any field of health sciences, including laboratory research, social studies research and clinical research.

Your PhD research project must be well planned and have a sound scientific basis. The project needs to be of a quality and relevance that will give you material for 2-3 articles to be published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals (or other type of publication of a corresponding quality and extent).

It is important that you develop a clear outline for your research project, and that you will be able to complete the work in the time you have at your disposal. Remember that during the three years of your PhD, you will not just be writing your thesis but will also have to complete courses and knowledge dissemination activities. In practice, this means that the research project itself should correspond to no more than two years of full-time employment.

Last Updated 01.04.2019