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The main supervisor  for a PhD project must be a permanent member of the Faculty at associate professor or professor level, and an active researcher within the field in question.
The main supervisor is formally appointed by the Head of the Graduate School.

Co-supervisors provide guidance for a specific part of the project in which they have a special expertise. 
Co-supervisors do not have to be permanent members of the Faculty as long as they have relevant research qualifications within the research area.
Please note that the Faculty does not pay external supervisors.

The Graduate School does not permit more than one main supervisor and three co-supervisors for a PhD project. 

A large number of co-supervisors may cause an inappropriately large number of opinions and differences that can be a cause of confusion to the PhD student. At the same time, the possibility of many co-supervisors will decrease the scientific value of having had such a function.

If further need for scientific reinforcement is needed, it is the recommendation of the Graduate School, that a project group is established which includes the student, the main supervisor, and all persons relevant for the completion of the project.
The members of the project group can then agree on responsibilities, roles, and co-authorships for all the parties involved.

An exemption can be made in the case of double/joint degrees where the collaboration agreement specifically requires more supervisors.


Last Updated 24.03.2021