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PhD thesis without prior enrolment

At the Faculty of Health Sciences, it is possible to submit a PhD thesis without prior enrolment as long as the author has acquired comparable qualifications elsewhere.

This means that the author must have obtained at least 30 ECTS points in PhD level courses within the last 5 years, reasonable experience with disseminating knowledge, including teaching, and have had good deal of contact with different research environments.

There must also be a University representative (main supervisor) attached to the project.

No later than 2 months before your expected thesis submission, you must submit an Application for submitting a PhD thesis without prior enrolment

The application must contain the following documents:
1. Cover letter
2. Statement from main supervisor/university representative
3. Resume of PhD thesis
4. Co-authorship declarations
5. Applicant’s full CV and copy of relevant certificates (must include master’s diploma)
6. Description of the research project/research protocol
7. List of PhD courses (or equivalent)

Based on the information in the application the PhD school will determine if the author has acquired sufficient comparable qualifications.

If the qualifications are approved the author will receive an e-mail with a link to a pre-submission regarding the appointment of an assessment committee for the PhD thesis.

The process for handing in the PhD thesis will follow the regular process, please see this site

Please note that an evaluation fee of 40.000 DKK must be paid to cover cost in connection with the evaluation and a defense session.

Last Updated 07.08.2020