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Integrated PhD (4 + 4)

An integrated PhD programme gives talented students an opportunity to combine the last year of their Master’s degree programme with the beginning of a PhD programme.

An integrated PhD programme consists of two parts – part A and B.

Part A is the period from enrolment in the integrated PhD programme to obtaining the Master’s degree. During part A, the student is enrolled a part-time Master’s degree student and part-time as a PhD student.  

Part B is the period from obtaining the Master’s degree and the PhD degree, and the student is full-time PhD student.


Admission requirements

To apply for enrolment in an integrated PhD programme you must:

  • be enrolled in one of the Master’s degree programmes at the Faculty of Health Science
  • have completed your Bachelor’s degree and started your Master’s degree programme without any delays
  • have obtained grades above average
  • have participated independently in creating the PhD protocol and the plans for the programme
  • have documented research experience

Enrolment procedure
If you want to enrol in an integrated PhD programme, you must apply for enrolment through the same application procedure as ordinary PhD students.

Please be aware that the application process takes approximately 3 months, and that your application must be approved and the process completed before you start your last year of Master’s degree programme.

The application for enrolment must include a detailed plan for both parts of the programme.

The plan for part A must cover the period from enrolment in the integrated PhD programme to obtaining the Master’s degree. The plan must therefore include all remaining elements of your Master’s degree programme.

The plan for part B must cover the period from obtaining your Master’s degree and until you finish your PhD programme. The plan must include all remaining elements of the PhD programme.

It is furthermore important to remember to apply for part-time enrolment with your relevant Master programme’s study administration.



To be enrolled in the integrated PhD programme, your financing must be in place.
As a part-time Master’s degree student, integrated PhD students enrolled in part A, can receive SU after the current regulations. Furthermore, for the part-time enrolment in the PhD programme, you can either be employed outside SDU or through a faculty scholarship, which will be paid out as SU PhD-grants. A SU-PhD grant unit is equivalent to a regular SU-grant unit, and it is possible to get two grant units per month, but no more than 48 in total. The grants are paid in advance each month for the first two year.

When having obtained the Master’s degree, part B starts and you must be .employed as a PhD student


Tuition fee

The tuition fee is 31,250 DKK a year for the first two years and DKK 62,500 a year for part B, being DKK 187,500 in total.

Last Updated 21.08.2020