Double or joint PhD degrees

Research collaborations between SDU and other universities can include students obtaining a double or a joint PhD degree.

  • For double PhD degree, the PhD student receives a diploma from each of the collaborating universities
  • For a joint PhD degree, the PhD student receives one PhD diploma – signed by both universities

If you are thinking about doing a PhD in collaboration with SDU and another university, there are some things you should consider:

  • Does your project require formalized collaboration between SDU and the other university?

    Otherwise, it is also possible to work across disciplines and spend time at other universities as part of a regular PhD programme, without formalizing the collaboration.  

  • Does the foreign PhD programme compare to the Danish, in terms of gained qualifications?
  • Are there any obvious differences in the PhD programmes, and how are they regulated (guidelines, rules or laws)?

    As the Danish PhD programme is regulated by the Ministerial Order, there are certain requirements which need to be fulfilled, and elements which cannot be changed.

  • Which of the universities will be your home university?

    You will be enrolled as s PhD student at the home university, and the home university is overall responsible for the study programme including admission, employment and administration of the PhD study. 
    The tuition fee is usually paid at the home university.
    The thesis is handed in at the home university and is assessed by a committee approved by both universities.

  • Does the university already have an agreement with SDU?
    If the universities have made a collaboration agreement, an individual agreement can be made, in reference to this.

How to get started - PhD students enrolled at foreign universities 

  • Read the Guidelines
  • Fill in the Agreement form in collaboration with the foreign university, the main supervisor and the Head of Department
  • Send the agreement form to the Graduate School of Health Sciences, SDU for approval
  • Ask the home university to send the first draft for the collaboration agreement
  • The legal department at SDU will then look through the agreement and ensure that it meets the Danish requirement for a PhD degree
  • When the final agreement has been written, it will be signed by both parties

Please be aware that it will take time to get the agreement settled. The process must therefore be started no later than six months after the candidate has been enrolled as a PhD student at the foreign university. 



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