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What is the PhD programme

The PhD programme aims to provide you as a PhD student with the necessary skills that will enable you to become a qualified researcher – that is, a scientist able to conduct responsible and independent research according to the principles of good research practice.

The PhD programme gives 180 ECTS credits, which is equivalent to three years of full-time study. Within this time frame, you will complete a degree programme that includes:

  • A research project carried out under supervision 
  • A course programme corresponding to half a year's full-time study (30 ECTS credits)
  • Affiliation to one or more (international) research environments
  • Teaching and dissemination of knowledge 
  • Authoring of scientific publication(s)
  • Preparation, writing and defence of your PhD thesis

When you have satisfactorily completed the programme, you will be awarded the PhD degree.

The three years run from the date you are enrolled for the PhD until the date you submit your thesis. It does not include assessment and defence of the thesis or awarding of the PhD degree.

Contact with other research environments

As a PhD student, you are expected to participate in active research environments, including one or more research stays at other (primarily international) research institutions. Please note that although it is not a requirement to visit an international research institution, it is highly encouraged. Your main supervisor or supervisor team will usually have a number of contacts in relevant national and international networks that you can collaborate with in different ways.

Teaching activities and dissemination of knowledge

All PhD students must gain experience with teaching and dissemination of knowledge during their 3-year programme. As an employed PhD student, you can be asked to participate in teaching or other kinds of knowledge dissemination activities for up to 280 hours a year.

Last Updated 07.07.2021