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Submission of the PhD thesis

The procedure includes the following steps.

  1.  The PhD student uploads the final version of the PhD thesis in Pure together with the relevant attachments.
  2.  SDUB checks the PhD thesis for plagiarism.
  3. SDUB submits the PhD thesis for assessment to the PhD School on the behalf of the PhD student after originality check.
  4. Once the PhD thesis is approved for defense, SDUB will make the PhD thesis publicly accessible in an online version on the Research Portal via Pure.

It is the PhD student’s own responsibility to acquaint oneself with the rules, procedure and requirements for the PhD submission. If you have any questions regarding the procedure for submission of PhD thesis in Pure you are welcome to contact SDUB:  

For further information about procedure:,-d-,d-aflevering

The required attachments must include: 

  • Co-author declarations for all the included articles, scanned into one file – see Forms & Guidelines

  • A statement from the main supervisor describing the overall PhD course, including a short presentation of the role of any co-supervisors and a statement as to whether the PhD student has satisfactorily complied with the degree programme.

  • A description of the PhD programme that includes the following:
    A list of completed courses
    A description of teaching and knowledge dissemination activities 
    A description of contacts with other research environments during the PhD programme

One of the mandatory documents that must be submitted with the PhD thesis is Declaration of Co-authorship. Here the extend of the PhD students contribution to the articles in the thesis must be indicated. 

One declaration for each article or manuscript must be included. All co-authors must sign the declaration, however, it is okay that there are several documents for the same article or manuscript, if it is not possible to get the co-authors to sign the same document.
Please remember to sign all pages, and combine them into one pdf-file before submission. 

When you upload your dissertation to Pure, you will be asked to confirm whether you allow electronic publication.

If you click ”yes” to having your file for the assessment committee published, the file will be published via Pure when your dissertation has been accepted for oral defense. As the author, you keep all rights to the dissertation.

If there are any copyright issues you shall send a printed version of your PhD thesis to us right after you have uploaded your PhD thesis in Pure. SDUB will make the printed version publicly accessible at the Special Collections Reading Room, a supervised reading room at SDU Odense.

For further information about procedure, copyright issues etc.:,-d-,d-aflevering/copyright

All PhD theses must undergo an originality check before being submitted to the Graduate School. The originality check will be done by the University Library when you submit your final thesis in Pure.

The originality check will generate one of three conclusions:

Green: All is in order, please submit the thesis.

Yellow: Concerns related to previously published text, or other issues. The thesis may be corrected and submitted for a new originality check or the supervisor can submit a written statement accounting for the concerns to the Graduate School. The statement must be approved by the Graduate School.

Red: Suspected plagiarism. The main supervisor must contact the Graduate School for further processing of the case. The process may include contacting the Dean and, if relevant, forwarding the case to the University Committee on Practice.

The report from the University Library will be sent to the PhD student, the main supervisor, and the PhD School within three workdays. Once the PhD School receives the report and there are no remarks, the PhD thesis will be sent to the Assessment Committee for assessment.

Please note that only the final version of the thesis can be checked. Should the thesis generate a yellow conclusion, the PhD student may have ONE extra check.

For more information about plagiarism, and how to avoid plagiarizing:,-d-,d-aflevering/originalitets+check

The enrolment as a PhD student ends when the thesis is submitted. PhD students who are not employed elsewhere, will therefore qualify for unemployment benefit from the date of submission.

Last Updated 06.09.2021